The Home Selling Process

When you pay for a service, are you satisfied with mediocre customer service? Or do you expect exceptionalism? Us? We prefer what we like to call, "Simply Better Service." We don't always expect to be blown away, but we do expect a certain level of customer service that 1) matches or exceeds the value of what we have paid and 2) exudes a human to human connection that exemplifies a type of care and humility that we all wish from others.

At PetreeRE, Your AZ Realtor Professionals, we are bound by our commitment to provide an "Exceptional Experience, Every Client, Everytime." If we fall below your expectations, you have our Guarantee* that you can break the contract without any hassle or fees! We believe in Accountability ahead of contracts.

Do you have a bad taste in your mouth regarding Realtors? Perhaps your last experience with a Realtor was less than pleasing.. maybe your Realtor worked hard to get your listing, but then took their foot off the accelerator once their sign was in your yard.. maybe you had a hard time getting in touch with them for updates on the sales status.. or maybe they failed to negotiate for you, and you never felt in control of you own home sale..

That is not how we operate at PetreeRE. Before we even ask for an agreement to list, we sit down with you to discuss specifics on what you can expect from us, as well as what we expect from you. During our initial seller consultation, we pour over our 40 Point Marketing and Communication Strategy so that you know EXACTLY what kind of service you can expect from us. We establish a tailored plan to get your home Sold Quickly, with ZERO stress, and for Top Dollar! We have a combined 13 years of real estate experience and have the Skills, Knowledge, and Drive to get the job done, just as we promise. Oh, and we're not allergic to working nights and weekends!

Visit to get a FREE, No Obligation Home Valuation Report delivered to your inbox in under 48 hours! Or contact us directly to schedule your FREE, No Obligation, No Pressure, Listing Consultation to establish your Unique Selling Strategy today!

*Certain conditions apply (unless there is an accepted offer)